Ol' Marse Mixed Metaphor, D-Merced

"We're going to keep an eye on them," said Rep. Dennis Cardoza, D-Merced. "The administration was in a total meltdown over this, and they were putting on a full-court press to be given a second chance."

Returning agricultural border inspectors from Department of Homeland Security to Department of Agriculture jurisdiction seemed like one of the better reforms in this year's Farm Bill, at least for the purposes of crop protection, the supposed mission of agricultural inspectors.

Cardoza, minister of propaganda for the Blue Dog Democrats, has shown in the above quote that he has mastered the nuances of Dixiecrat muddled metaphor.

Beneficiaries from exotic infestations of crop-destroying pests include chemical companies, public research higher education institutions like the University of California and finance, insurance and real estate special interests interested in cheap farm land sold by pest-distressed, bee-disadvantaged farmers.

The wannabe king toys with the majority party. The Democrats don't have the courage to govern in this grave Constitutional crisis. Before they impeach, none of their acts make sense. Every day, Nancy and her corrupt little Boys and Girls fall farther behind the American people. Instead of leading them, they hide from them, weighed down by the money. The less they lead, the richer they get.

Bill Hatch

Merced Sun-Star
Border inspectors stay with homeland ...MICHAEL DOYLE

WASHINGTON — Agricultural border inspectors will remain Department of Homeland Security employees after all, following an intense White House lobbying effort to rewrite a $286 billion farm bill.

Maneuvering behind the scenes, the Bush administration on Thursday buried House plans to transfer the plant and animal inspectors back to the Agriculture Department. The bureaucratic victory frustrates California growers and others who fear agricultural inspections are getting shortchanged.

"It's extremely disappointing," said Joel Nelsen, president of the Exeter-based California Citrus Mutual. "This program has continued to be a stepchild in the whole homeland security system."

Bush won the border battle without even needing a vote, as the House began debating the farm bill. Instead, House Democrats removed from the 744-page bill language shifting inspectors back to the Agriculture Department. Lawmakers agreed they would continue monitoring the inspectors' work, possibly reviving the issue later...