And the winners are ...

In case you thought the Ukraine War was completely insane, here are the top 20 weapons manufacturers n the world and they are turning the conflict in Ukraiane into their own private, neoliberal 30 Years War, -- wmh

Textron (USA): $4.38 Billion
DCNS (France): $4.46 Billion Naval vessels and weapons
Honeywell (USA)
United Shipbuilding Corporation (Russia): $5.12 Billion
Safran (France): $5.42 Billion
United Aircraft Corporation (Russia): $5.53 Billion
Rolls-Royce (UK): $5.55 Billion
Huntington Ingalls (USA): $6.55 Billion
Almaz-Antey (Russia): $8.03 Billion
L-3 Communications (USA): $10.34 Billion
Thales (France): $10.37 Billion
Finmeccanica (Italy): $10.56 Billion
United Technologies Corporation (USA): $11.9 Billion
EADS / Airbus Group (Europe): $15.7 Billion
General Dynamics (USA): $18.66 Billion
Northrop Grumman (USA): $20.22 Billion
Raytheon (USA): $21.95 Billion
BAE Systems (UK): $26.82 Billion
Boeing (USA): $30.7 Billion
Lockheed Martin (USA): $35.49 Billion