Apology for absense

I apologize for not making entries to Badlands in recent days. Following a bout of heat shock, I did not follow the advice of a fire-fighting friend, tried to do too much the next day, fell and among other wounds, broke my right hand. which has made typing difficult. I now have a more manageable cast for another month and will return to my duties, even if a bit tardy.
Don't think, however, that in this interim I reliquished my interest in local and world events. For example, a local source informed me not six hours ago that the blessed Sisters of the Valley, a dope-growing collective run by pseudo nuns somewhere in Merced County, is advertising for a child-care worker. The Sisters of Perpetual Transgression, this site's appellation for these chics, are always a trip.
As far as threats of world war are concerned, our solution is to unleash Chiang Kai-shek on the Ukraine.