Important proposition coming our way: Great reason to vote

This news note, gleaned from Thom Hartmann's website today, gives every Californian an excellent reason to vote whenever this propositton appears, whether in the Primary or the General Election this year. blj

Backing a citizen-led initiative to fight back soaring drugs prices in California, Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders son Tuesday endorsed a ballot proposal designed to halt what he described as a corporate "rip-off" of the state's sick and vulnerable, he said, "While Congress has failed to stand up to the greed of the pharmaceutical industry, the people of California can by supporting this ballot initiative.” Called the California Drug Price Relief Act, this measure described by the San Francisco Chronicle, "would restrict California health programs from paying more for prescription drugs than what’s paid by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs." Given the enormous leverage of the VA, those drug prices are often the lowest available anywhere in the nation.” It’s also backed by the AIDS Healthcare Foundation, the National Nurses United (NNU), and Californians for Lower Drug Prices campaign and voters will be able to vote on this initiative in November after supporters collected more than half a million signatures to get it on the ballot. Mike Roth, a spokesman for Californians for Lower Drug Prices, stated this proposal is "the most comprehensive drug price reduction initiative California has put before voters in more than a decade and a very real opportunity to combat the greed of Big Pharma.” Sanders added, "We know that the VA pays considerably less than retail prices for prescription drugs. The people of California and all Americans should get the same price. Americans living with HIV/AIDS and cancer should not live in fear that they will go bankrupt because of the outrageously high cost of their prescription drugs.” Go Bernie! and Go California!   -- Thom Hartmann on the News, (I assume this was today's news but can't find a date on the site -- blj)