Clear choice in District 2 Supervisor race

Pedrozo, the UNANIMOUS choice?

Saturday afternoon I found a leaflet stuck in my screen door for Josh Pedrozo, former city councilman, now running for a seat on the Merced County Board of Supervisors. It said, “Josh Pedrozo, The UNANIMOUS Choice for Merced County Supervisor.”

Below, were endorsements from six labor unions, the county Board of Realtors and the UC Merced Democrats.

Pedrozo’s website reiterates the group endorsements and adds some names:

We are proud to endorse Josh Pedrozo for Merced county supervisor- district 2

Merced City FireFighters IAFF Local 1479

Cal Fire Local 2881

Merced County Association of Realtors

North Valley Labor Federation

Operating Engineers 3

Laborers Local 1130

Plumbers and Steamfitters Local 442

AFSCME Local 2703

Merced Hotel Motel Association

UC Merced College Democrats

Bill Spriggs- Former Mayor of Merced

Tony Dossetti- Former Merced City Councilmember and Police Chief

Michelle Gabriault-Acosta- Former Merced City Councilmember

Fagundes Farms

Noah Williams

Pat and Terese Bauer

Harry and Judy Blackburn

Cindie Dibblee

Eddie Vilcauskas

Beth Olsen

Edwin Kanith

Steve Patel

Dr. Duane Richey

Joe and Jessica Bauer

Kurt Smoot

Jer Greggins

Riki Walter

Raj Kahlon

Craig Deal

John Kane

Jon Schaefer

Clayton Schneider

Joel Sebastian

Bill Freitas

Matt Bogard

Justin Parle

Gary Carlson

Ralph Busby

Loren Gonella

Beverly Raggio

Karen Beasley --

No doubt an illustrious group of Mercedians. But Asians represent 12.6 percent of the city population and Hispanics are 52.6 percent, and I don’t see any Asian or Hispanic leaders on the list.

Therefore, I deduce that Pedrozo hasn’t proved his claim to be the “UNANIMOUS choice.”

On the issues, one contrast stuck out for me. Pedrozo claims spent a lot of time “brainstorming” about the homeless problem. -- Josh Pedrozo for Merced County Supervisor District 2 - Home

By contrast, the incumbent supervisor, Lee Lor is a bit more concrete:


Merced County Supervisor District 2

Ending Homelessness

The Merced City and County Continuum of Care (CoC) is the Housing & Urban Development (HUD) designated decision-making group to prevent and end homelessness.

The CoC is made up of Organizational Representatives and Community-At-Large Representatives. For information on representatives or if you are interested in being a representative, please see the CoC's Governance Charter (click).

The Merced County Board of Supervisors designated Supervisor Pareira as their primary representative and Supervisor Lee Lor as the alternate representative to the CoC.

Since Summer of 2017, Supervisor Lor championed for Merced County to serve as the Collaborative Applicant (administrator) of the CoC and build the capacity of local non-profit organizations to assume the role. In 2018, the County took the responsibility of serving as the Collaborative Applicant.

The Board of Supervisors is working collaboratively with the cities and various organizations through the CoC to end homelessness and we need your help.

Pedrozo has been “brainstorming” about the homeless problem while Supervisor Lor has been doing something about it.

But, members of the Merced public who have observed both Pedrozo as a city council member and Lor as a county supervisor know that Pedrozo can neither think nor speak coherently for more than a phrase or two before beginning to sputter and flap his hands while Supervisor Lor speaks slowly, clearly, and thoughtfully whenever she speaks at meetings.

It is a clear choice between a smart woman and a intellectually challenged man. -- blj