Virus note: September 9, 2020: possible local improvement


MERCED (BLJ) – On September 9, the Merced County Public Health Department reported 125 deaths (5 new) from Covid-19, and a radical drop in the percentage of positive test results, from nearly 18.27 percent down to 7.5 percent. The difference is due to the larger figure being a cumulative amount while the smaller amount represents only those tested in the last seven days. Nevertheless, it appears to be an improvement.

California reported 13,990 deaths (147 new).

The United States reported 193.799 deaths (1,261 new). On this day it was revealed by Bob Woodward in his new book, Rage, that President Donald Trump knew how severe the Covid virus was by the end of January and lied repeatedly to the American people about it for weeks.

The global report was 902,468 deaths (6,232 new).