Virus notes: June 24, 2020

MERCED (BLJ) – On June 24, the Merced County Public Health Department reported 741 cases of coronavirus (179 new since June 19) and 10 deaths (2 new).

California reported 190,222 cases (7,149 new) and 5,632 deaths (57 new).

The United States reported 2,425,975 cases (34,649 new) and 123,730 deaths (745 new).

The global count for the day is 9,394,558 cases (240,326 new) and 481,078 deaths (7,428 new).


The 5-day average of virus cases in Merced County is 36 per day. We are spiking along with the rest of California. This proves the common sense proposition that masks, sheltering in place, and contact tracing reduces the likelihood of spreading the virus, and politics without care creates nothing but chaos, sickness, death and destruction.