Virus notes: April 20, 2020

MERCED (BLJ) -- The Merced County Public Health Department today reported 90 cases of COVID-19 (no new cases) and three deaths (no new deaths).

California reported 33,404 cases (4,441 new) and 1,203 deaths (131 new).

The state of New York reported 247,512 cases (4,726 new) and 17,671 deaths

The United States reported 799,515 cases (28,951 new) and 42,897 deaths (1,783 new).

Mexico reported 8,772 (511 new) and 712 deaths (26 new).

The global report for the day was 2,478,634 cases (74,309 new) and 170,389 deaths (5,151 new).


"What can we do? What can we do?"

The Merced City Council debated this tonight but the shallowness of the civic virtues dictated the silliness of the ideas.

There is going to be a great deal of economic pain in the coming months and probably for a few years in Merced.

But ...

There is no reason any child, homeless person, or poor person still sheltered should go hungry in the San Joaquin Valley, which boasts every day of its glorious place in feeding the world. Supermarkets should be prohibited from sending food to the landfill before its due date. The City should work on partnerships with restaurants and funders to provide free meals for the needy. Vegetable, fruit and nut growers must make their cosmetic culls available for hungry people. Local dairies can donate powdered milk. Every agricultural producer, wholesaler or retailer of food should have a role in taking care of the many who will be harmed by the virus, medically and economically.

There is no reason any citizen of Merced should go without medical care with UC Merced here and propagandizing weekly about its role in training and placing health-care professionals in the Valley.

Yo, UC, put your money where your mouth is.