Virus notes: April 14, 2020

MERCED (BLJ) –Merced County Public Health Department on April 14 reported 74 cases (5 new) and still, gratefully, only three deaths.

California reported 25,742 cases (2,442 new) and 789 deaths (102 new).

The United States reported 641,451 cases (26.699 new) and 29,897 deaths (6,132 new).

Mexico reported 5,399 cases (385 new) and 406 deaths (74 new).

The global report for April 14 is 2,008,977 cases (88,059 new) and 130,727 deaths (11,041 new).


President Trump began the day declaring that his office has “total power,” and would therefore be able to tell the united states’ governors when to open their economies back up. After Gov. Andrew Cuomo of New York declared that if he tried to end the shelter in place order in New York when it would endanger the health of New Yorkers, the president would face the worst constitutional crisis “in decades.” Later in the day the president seemed to restore power to the governors while making them responsible and to blame for everything that had gone wrong in the struggle against what he calls “The Invisible Enemy.” To complete his deranged day, Trump declared he would cut US funding to the World Health Organization which, like the governors, the Chinese, the Europeans and others named and to be named when the time is right, was responsible for the arrival of The Invisible Enemy to our shores.

The medical leaders, doctors Fauci and Birx, weren’t present at the daily presidential rave, evidently because they had more important things to do with their work days during a global pandemic than to listen to a small, mean man in the greatest political office in the world rage against reporters assigned to the White House.