The media loves Bloomberg

Because at least the business media is Bloomberg. Built on a high tech ticket-tape called the Bloomberg Terminal, which businesses lease, Bloomberg LP provides worldwide in depth business news with a full array of media: digital, radio, TV, and print. Michael Bloomberg amassed a fortune of more than $50 billion developing business media, including a service called Office Media Network Inc., a Bloomberg advertising agency, which., no doubt, is providing the candidate some of those brilliant ads currently flooding the airwaves.1. But when I heard a fellow who called my telephone from Sacramento the other night announce himself: "I am a volunteer for Mike Bloomberg," I found myself replying that the fourth word out of his mouth was probably a lie, so where would the rest of his spiel be headed. -- wmh


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 The Corporate Media Is Directly Profiting from Mike Bloomberg’s Rise as He Spends Fortune on TV Ads

…JUAN GONZÁLEZ: Well, it’s amazing to me that Michael Bloomberg has been getting as much attention as he has by the media. But remember this: The media, the commercial media, directly profit from Bloomberg’s rise, because they’re going to be collecting all of the ad revenues that he is putting out across television nationwide. So there is an actual economic interest in continuing to see Bloomberg’s rise in the poll on the part of many of the commercial media.

But I think one thing that strikes me the most, Amy, is that I don’t think any person in American history has ever spent more money cultivating an image in the public of himself as has Michael Bloomberg, because when he ran for mayor three times in New York City, he spent $267 million just running for mayor. I think his last race he spent $108 million, while his opponent, the Democrat Billy Thompson, spent about $9 million. It was 11 times more. During that race, there were an average of 42 commercials a day on New York television throughout the race, Bloomberg commercials. But it wasn’t just the direct contributions. He also, through his foundation, was spending about $100 million a year in donations to nonprofits, much of it to New York City nonprofits, that was cultivating this — sort all these civic organizations that all were getting these huge checks named “anonymous,” that they knew were from Michael Bloomberg. So, the amount of money that this man spent just when he was for mayor of New York, now of course at the level of the national level, is unprecedented in terms of buying an image in the public…

(1)  Greg McFarlane, Investopedia, July 29, 2019