The sensitive li'l darlings at UC Merced

 This is a crock of the well known substance. Who are these pretentiously green, precious little people? Grade schools and high schools all over the region were open today, but the delicate li'l darlings and their even more fragile professors and their exalted administrators can't go to classes in their brand new ultra-green buildings?
This is one more example of the general educational mis-, mal- and just plain nonfeasance that goes on at UC Boondoggle Land Deal. What are taxpayers paying the li't darlings' tuitions for? Why are their grades being routinely inflated? What are these empty headed, super "cognitive" wannabe geeks doing wandering around here, anyway?
Isn't it about time to retire the university? After all, it served its purpose as the anchor tenant for the raging building boom that busted. Isn't it about time to turn it over to some entrepreneurs that can make a go of it as the Carol Tomlinson-Keasey Memorial Yokuts Senior Residence and Casino and Golf Course? -- blj
Classes canceled, students wear masks at UC Merced as air quality worsens
Nathalie Granda
MERCED, Calif. (KFSN) --
Authorities at UC Merced canceled classes early Thursday to protect students as smoke from the devastating Camp Fire continued to make the air dangerous to breathe.

The decision came after University officials noticed the air quality was getting worse through the day. University officials said they consulted both Campus and Merced County Public Health officials and decided to err on the side of caution.

"We're on a campus like this where people have to walk outside on a regular basis," said Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs Charles Nies.

"Our concern was that we couldn't give that medical recommendation to stay indoors if students were going to be forced to walk outside."

A long line of cars stretched out in front of the campus as people started to leave. Students could be seen wearing masks as they headed back to their cars.

"I can smell it and I have migraines so the bad air quality does trigger migraines for me," said Krystalynn Williams, a UC Merced student.

Dr. David Canton with the Merced County public health department said while the air quality isn't as bad as it could be, he still recommended that residents stay indoors.

"For the average person, it's an irritant, it's not necessarily harmful per se," Canton said.

"But if you get enough particulate into your lungs, it causes inflammation, reactions, potential infections. Somebody prone to developing asthma could develop asthma."

University officials said that while most services are closed, some essential services, like the dining hall and residence halls, remained open.

In the meantime, they said they are keeping an eye on air quality levels to decide whether they will resume classes on Friday.

The university is treating this like an emergency, so hourly workers are still going to be paid for a full day's work. University health officials were also giving students masks to wear prior to canceling classes.

As of now, the university plans to reopen on Friday.