Sonny Star out to get Morse

If Merced County District Attorney Larry Morse broke wind at the head table of a $10 political bean feed, the Merced Sun-Star would accuse him of:
Racial prejudice;
Destruction of the ozone layer;
Promoting juvenile delinquency;
Breaking the norms of civilized society;
and good old Sonny Star, playing gigolo for some smelly special interests and looking for a feather in his stingy brim, would demand that Morse indict, try and convict himself of all of the above and any other flaws he might suspect lurk secretly in his innermost character.
Enough already. The only one bringing clouds down on itself is the newspaper. -- blj
Merced Sun-Star
Merced DA: ‘No conflict of interest’ in drug case connected to family-owned apartment
 Rob Parsons