Valley fires

Fresno Bee
Some of the biggest fires in central California happened in the last five years
Aleksandra Konstantinovic
Wildfire season is well underway in California, with over 80,000 acres burned in the Detwiler Fire so far.
The last five summers have seen some major fires in central California, including on the coast and in the Sierra Nevadas, in part as a result of the dry conditions during the drought.
Here are the last five years of fires in order of acres burned:
1. Rim Fire
The Rim Fire is the third largest wildfire in the state's history and the largest in the Sierra Nevada range. It burned 257,314 acres from August to October in 2013. Investigators found that an illegal campire first sparked the fire, but prosecutors dropped the case against the suspect after two witnesses died in separate incidents.
2. Rough Fire
The Rough Fire was the largest fire of the year in California in 2015, burning 151,623 acres and threatening Hume Lake and Kings Canyon National Park. It started on July 31 after a lightning strike and was put out by November.
3. Soberanes Fire
The Soberanes Fire burned 132,127 acres along the central coast near Big Sur. The blaze was difficult to control because of its remote location along steep terrain. It was caused by an illegal campfire and last from July to October of 2016.
4. King Fire
The King Fire is the northernmost fire on this list. It burned 97,717 acres and 80 structures in El Dorado County in from September to October in 2014. The cause was arson. Wayne Huntsman was sentenced to 20 years in prison and ordered to pay $60 million in restitution.
5. Detwiler Fire
The Detwiler Fire has slowed its growth and a cause is under investigation.

San Jose Mercury-News
Detwiler fire caused by gunshots, Cal Fire says
 Jason Green
MARIPOSA — Gunshots sparked the massive Detwiler fire that has burned nearly 82,000 acres in Mariposa County, according to Cal Fire.
The fire started just before 4 p.m. July 17 near Detwiler and Hunters Valley roads, 2 miles east of Lake McClure. It has destroyed 131 structures, including 63 homes and one business.
“The discharge of firearms, on public lands, is responsible for sparking the fire,” Cal Fire said in a news release Friday. “The specific circumstances surrounding the cause remain under investigation.”
A $2,000 reward is being offered for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person responsible for starting the fire. Anyone with information can contact Crime Stoppers at 559-498-7867.
The fire, which has burned 81,826 acres, was 97 percent contained as of Friday night, according to Cal Fire.