We're not into necrophilia, but thanks for thinking of us

 In the last several weeks, a member of the Badlands Journal editorial board has received 88 emails from various appendages of the Democratic Party, from Congressional candidate Amanda "Cotton Queen" Renteria (collecting on her fine work on the latest Farm Bill, which guaran-damn-tees agribusiness income if they buy the right insurance from the insurance industry) all the way past Steve Israel (aptly named chair of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, to be renamed "Friends of Israel" in honor of the latest act of genocide in Gaza), and from both the President and the Vice President (about whom the less said the better).
Each email announces another grave emergency to the very life of the Democratic Party and suggests, cajols, orders and demands that our editor pay the minimal sum of five dollars to avoid the collapse ... of what?
The Democratic Party?
The Clintons hacked off the last twitching muscle groups that remained on the carcass and when Vice President Al Gore refused to fight the Florida 2000 vote-count fraud perpetrated by George Bush's brother, Florida Governor Jeb Bush, the Democratic Party was buried by night in the Potters Field of the "Empire of Chaos" (as we are known beyond our shores).
Since then, Democratic Party politics has been an act of necrophilia. Shortly, we will be invited to vote for our nation's Queen of the Living Dead, Hillary Clinton, perhaps running against that very same former Florida governor, Jeb Bush, washed in the purifying mainstream media amnesia to emerge as a modest, blameless, God fearing Texan, whose relations with Yale University's elite voodoo cults is merely familial. -- blj