Adam Gray's spiteful spinTweets

By the twisted routes that spin is transmitted in the California 21st Assembly District -- if you can believe the informal networking source --

Mobley outpolled by No-Names in write- in votes!

Stanislaus and Merced counties have certified the election results from the June primary. 

Total Votes: Adam Gray: 26,115 (95%); Jack Mobley 1286 (5%)

Total write-in votes: in the 21st district 2769 voters chose to cast write in votes. Mobly won 1286 of those votes. (Mobley announced on his facebook page he had received 2200 write in votes, but he was mistaken). 

A majority of voters who wrote in a candidate name chose someone other than Mobley! 

Mobley failed to carry a majority of write-in votes even though he was the only qualified write-in candiate. Non qualified write-in ballots are counted in the write-in column but the person or persons whose names were written in are not tabulated and are not publically announced. Simply put, this means that "No-Name" candidates outpolled Mobley among write in votes. The numbers in Stanisluas county show even a greater disparity. Out of 675 write-in votes within the 21st district portions of the county 675 voters wrote in their selection. Only 66 chose Mobley. "No-Names" received 609.

It is interesting to note the 1286 write in votes Mobley did receive would not have been enough to waive his filing fee had he chosen to run for office in the usual way. It takes 1500 valid signatures of voters to qualify for the ballot without a fee. 

By virtue of the state top two run off law Mobley will be on the November ballot. It will be the 8th consecutive major primary or general election in which Mobley has sought office.

Clearly, this canard against  Republican candidate Jack Mobley was initiated by the incumbent, Adam Gray, via one of his flak staff. We shall call them GrayVflakers, because the Adams, Grays and Condits and retainers deeply believe they are the gravy on their own rubber chicken.
It is interesting to note that amid the fancy calculations done by the GrayVflakers, the number of write-in votes Mobley did not receive was left to the arithmetic abilities of the social network readership. But in the camps of two other write-in candidates, who claimed to have split the 1,483 votes almost down the middle, a great snickering was heard.
We speak of course of those perennial and dreaded political consensus wreckers, Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse, either one with more moral authority than either of the priggish dominant political parties that fixed election law some time ago so that votes for the Immortal Duo are no longer publicly displayed. Apparently, the candidates and their party hacks have mistaken the votes cast for Donald and Mickey as acts of ridicule when, in fact, they are pleas from the electorate for something -- anything -- that mighty reanimate the cartoon into something vaguely political as opposed to votes, straw votes and polls taken to compare shades of gray in mouthwash no one really wants to buy. Maybe that's why only 14 percent of the registered voters in the district voted for Gray. -- blj