"Two for Vickie"

“Ballad for the Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs at the State Department Victoria 'Fuck the E.U.' Nuland”
By blj, 2014
We don’t know where you’re taking us,
Miss Vickie. Is it to war with Russia?
Do we really need the Ukraine?
Are we the United States of Prussia?
Are you Point Lady for the neocons,
Projecting a century of American empire?
You’d launch our army, navy and our air force,
You’d throw my low-rent neighbors into that
Military/industrial/Ivy League pyre?
You want the restoration of Khazaria
Coronation of your in-laws, the Kagans,
You want a Khaganate of Nuland,
A demented dream of the spaced out Reagans?
Oh why, Miss Vickie, must we cross the dark Dnieper?
Will only the blood of the bear suffice?
Will only the blood of my neighbors appease?
Do you desire post nuclear paradise?
If you yearn to ride with Vlad the Hammer
As the neocon Lady Godiva
We will arrange your peak moment,
If you just don’t go to war with Ivan.
Miss Vickie, you’re the haughtiest,
Your schooling the plutocrapiest.
Some say your politics are Zionist,
But you're just a typical exceptionalist.
You say you want to bring them democracy
But you wouldn't know it from okra seed. 
Victoria, Nike of Foggy Bottom
 By blj, 2014

She don't have no head
She don't have no arms
With foul mouth and wings outspread
She flies into the sides of barns.