2014 Drought Ballad #1

The 2014 Drought Ballad  #1

When rain and snow don’t fall out West
California hills are naked;
Piebald grassless pates of dust
Lean over fields unirrigated
As critturs are extirpated.
Farmers and cities send out
Lobbyists and lawyers prorated –
And that’s how we do a drought.
When the wetting winds don’t gust
The air becomes  toxicated.
Kiddies and elders’ lungs don’t adjust
People are asphyxiated.
And politicians are pixilated
By Big Cotton’s money clout,
By LA’s thirst unslaked --
And that’s how we do a drought.
The forests dry,  incendious,
The rivers shrink, stagnated,
Money fear and money lust
Drive ag disaster payments
While death’s negotiated --
Environmental law knocked out
Endangered species immolated:
And that’s how we do a drought.
Dry springs and wells prostrated
Livestock, poultry, trees stressed out
As water to money will migrate.
That’s how we do a drought.