Keep the hands of the Feudal Twenty-Six off our federal farm subsidies!

Let’s tell the richest farmers in the poorest states to keep their hands off federal farm subsidies and crop insurance.
This is a list of the 26 states whose governments have refused to join the federal government’s Affordable Care Act program to expand Medicaid, paired with the amount of their federal farm subsidies from 1995-2010. These are the states where some people carry signs saying telling the federal government to keep its hands of their Medicare.  The top 10 percent of agribusinesses average about three-quarters of the federal farm pork overall but the figure rises over 80 percent once we dip below the Mason-Dixon Line (except Florida). This list also includes most of what the Wall Street Journal regards as the poorest states in the nation in 2013 (Michael B. Sauter et al, Sept. 19, WSJ) as well as some of the richest like New Jersey and Virginia.

Farm subsidies 1995-2010 (including crop insurance)
EWG Farm Subsidy Database

The Feudal 26
Alabama                                                    $884 million
Alaska                                                         $906,000
Arkansas                                                    $1 billion
Florida                                                        $2.77 billion
Georgia                                                       $6.63 billion
Indiana                                                        $10.3 billion
Kansas                                                         $16.4 billion
Louisiana                                                    $5.58 billion           
Maine                                                           $253 million
Mississippi                                                  $8.16 billion
Missouri                                                       $10.2 billion
Montana                                                       $6.59 billion
Nebraska                                                      $16.4 billion
New Jersey                                                   $234 million
North Carolina                                            $5.47 billion
North Dakota                                               $14.9 billion
Ohio                                                                $7.79 billion
Oklahoma                                                      $6.21 billion
Pennsylvania                                                $2.03 billion
South Carolina                                              $1.9 billion
South Dakota                                                 $11.1 billion
Tennessee                                                       $3.67 billion
Texas                                                                 $27.3billion
Virginia                                                             $1.92 billion
Wisconsin                                                         $7.06 billion
Wyoming                                                           $758 million