News from the local Democratic Party slime pit

The issue is clear: Adam Gray, his mother, his step-father and his uncle, ethically disadvantaged political fixer Robin Adam, have been lying about the boy's credentials for elective office, as in, he don't have none but we rubes are so dumb we'll go along with it because he's a Democrat.
They have managed to alienate the bC Merced's Bobcatflak office, which has brought us propaganda campaigns too numerous to mention, the main thrust being that by building on the largest contiguous set of vernal pools in the US and rapidly roofing, asphalting and cementing over the heart of the aquifer that supplies fresh water to the City of Merced, not to mention being the anchor tenant for the biggest, most fraudulent building boom in world history, UC Merced is somehow the greenest campus ever constructed in the universe on the unmarked mass grave of 15 endangered species. The Greenest Campus in the Universe was expected to be our "high tech, biotech engine of (economic) growth," as if the creators of the technological weapons of predatory corporate capitalism are of any more use to us than the midieval swordsmith was to the peasants his products chopped up. But a university, especially a public university, paid for by public funds -- what a way to make the money-grubbing business of land speculation Respectable!
Evidently the big crooks resent the little crooks and are swatting them off the trailing end of the UC skirt.
Badlands Journal editorial board

Allan R. Schell: Tutor or lecturer?
I appreciated your June 25 article on the two candidates for the 21st Assembly District, Mr. Jack Mobley and Mr. Adam Gray. It is very helpful to know the work and professional backgrounds of the persons running for office. We need to know as much as possible to guide our vote decisions.
However, as I read the story, I have a couple of unanswered questions. The basic one is how Adam Gray can persist in labeling himself a "university lecturer" when the chancellor's office flatly declares that Mr. Gray is neither a lecturer nor faculty member at UC Merced. The email from the chancellor's office quoted in your story said that Mr. Gray is a "course tutor." There is a considerable difference in these titles and what they infer, and how they may be compensated. Inflation takes many forms.
ALLAN R. SCHELL -- July 21, 2012 Letters to the editor
June 25

Merced Sun-Star

State Assembly candidates tout different sets of skills

Joshua Emerson Smith

"Adam Gray is a course tutor, not a faculty member or a lecturer," Scott Hernandez-Jason, senior public information representative for UC Merced, wrote in an email to Mobley.-- "