Buffett Boy

A retired fellow they call "Badger," after killing a little more city grass with tobbaco juice, recently commented to us that he was "wrapped up in Warren Buffett from head to toe." He lives near the Burlington Northern-Santa Fe tracks. Last year Buffett bought the company. He wears Justin boots. Buffett owns the company. He buys his jeans, shorts and socks at Costco. Buffett owns $300 million in Costco stock. He buys his underwear, sweatshirts and fishing gear from WalMart. Buffett owns $2 billion in WalMart stock.
"Warren even makes my Fruit of the Looms," he said, "and I ain't too sure he don't make the straw hat I just bought for the summer.
"I don't mind the sound of train whistles," Badger said, "and out-of-town people I call love the sound of a train and think it's real authentic or something. The roper boots fit fine and don't cost too much. Costco jeans are a gift to mankind for a penny under $13, and the WalMart stuff is cheap and works pretty well -- which are the criteria for anything I put on my body. And that's not even counting the landlord's mortgage," Badger added.
"But, being such a poster child for ol' Buffett, I expect at least he'd send me a 'Warren' ballcap. Or maybe a belt buckle. I'm a Buffett Boy from head to toe," the old man said, killing a little bit more of that city grass next to the sidewalk.