"Pombo Yosemite Park Estates Ranch"

We always read with fascination the opinions of Rep. Devin Nunes, Pathological-Visalia. Wondering again about Tulare County in light of his latest ravings below, we were reminded of a long-forgotten event in the history of California voter registration, in which in 1966, the Tulare County Clerk discarded more than 150 registration affidavits collected by volunteers going door-to-door in outlying communities simply because the people registered had Hispanic surnames.
Nunes' profound problems with reality began at home.
Moving on to the topic of his latest screed, the campaign of Richard Pombo, Crooked Cowboy-Tracy, to be reelected to Congress from a district he doesn't even live in, we were reminded of a common sight on the highway just west of Tracy during the halcion days of the speculative real estate bubble, back before Pombo's links to convicted lobbyist, Jack Abramoff (conspiracy, fraud and tax evasion) were so well documented that they persuaded voters in his old district to elect a liberal Democrat from the Bay Area and throw Pombo out. On the outskirts of Tracy, if you were coming in from the west, parked on a ranch road in the middle of the first farm field beyond the last subdivision on the western edge of town, there was a cattle trailer parked so that motorists could read the sign facing them on its side. The sign read: "Pombo Real Estate Farms."
It occurred to us that the most likely outcome of the election of Pombo to represent the largely mountainous 19th Congressional District of California is that the cattle trailer will be moved to Wawona and will sport a new sign, reading: "Pombo Yosemite Park Estates Ranch." Whether the Merced River, its headwaters in Yosemite National Park, will be renamed "Pombo River" and the Pombo family will assume ownership of it will depend on how much farther lunatics like Nunes and Pombo are able to get in their "Our Water" campaign to make water a commodity to be "rationally allocated by the self-regulating free market."
Badlands Journal editorial board

U.S. Representative Devin Nunes...U.S. Representative Devin Nunes (R) is serving his fourth term in Congress representing Southern California's 21st District, which is in California's Central Valley. He and his wife, Elizabeth, and their two daughters live in Tulare
Many valley residents have asked me why I am supporting Richard Pombo’s bid to become the next Congressman of the 19th Congressional District. My response is that with Richard in the race, it doesn’t matter who the other candidates are.
While I generally do not get involved in Republican primaries, the stakes in this case are far too great to ignore. This election represents ground zero in our fight against left-wing radicals in the environmental community. Liberal activists are actively involved in this Republican primary for one reason: to prevent an effective legislator from rejoining the fight in Washington. To this end, some of the most well funded and powerful Democratic interest groups are flocking to Fresno. They know, as I do, that Richard’s election would be a major blow to the left’s political agenda.
There are a lot of reasons why I believe Richard Pombo is the one and only candidate who merits your support in this important election. Perhaps most importantly, he will enter Congress with the seniority and experience we urgently need to fight radical environmentalists who are seizing our property, taking our water, and making our country dependent on foreign oil.
Richard has fought for and won major victories in the House to reform the Endangered Species Act. He has presided over passage of legislation to expand drilling for oil and other natural resources to eliminate our nation’s dependence on foreign oil. He understands the complexities of California water policy and has the knowledge and experience we need to end the government-imposed drought. And he is a tireless advocate who has never compromised his principles.
Those who question Richard’s effectiveness or talent need look no further than the press statements of leftist organizations now working to defeat him. A spokesman for The Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund said, "Richard Pombo is a tremendous threat to our issues, so keeping him out of Congress is a huge priority…We're not about to stand by and watch Pombo grab his carpetbag and return to Congress a mere four years after we worked so hard to oust him."
Indeed, Richard Pombo’s presence in Congress was so concerning to radicals in the environmental movement that he became their number one target in 2006. Millions were spent slandering Richard to unseat him. Prior to the onslaught, Bush Advisor Karl Rove and others advised Richard to back down from controversial issues. They hoped a more moderate approach would appease the left and minimize political risk to the President and Republican majorities. However, Richard remained committed to ending the grip of radical activists over our nation’s vast resources. His actions were and remain a rare display of principle – one that should be sought in all of our public office holders.
You have probably heard some of the political attack ads running against Richard in your community. They are lies – a dishonest smear campaign run by extremist groups and funded by wealthy liberal operatives. The history of these groups is compelling and should galvanize Republicans everywhere to support Richard’s return to Congress.
In 2003, wealthy liberals in the Democratic Party began to form a number of front groups to attack Republicans. Billionaire George Soros, founder of MoveOn.org, John Podesta, former Clinton advisor, and others coordinated their agenda through an umbrella organization known as Americans Coming Together or ACT. One of the arms of this liberal machine is EMILY’s list – Early Money is Like Yeast – which has spent tens of millions to advance liberal political causes around the country.
Another is Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington or CREW which pretends to be a non-partisan watchdog group. However, under the leadership of a former aide to then Senator Joe Biden, CREW has spent millions slandering conservatives around the country. It is one of a multitude of other so called “public interest groups” targeting Republicans. The single purpose of these activists is no less than the complete transformation of America. At stake are our freedoms, our ability to prosper in the San Joaquin Valley and the very nature of our Republic.
Today, these groups are mobilizing for another election season. However, this time they are not limiting their efforts to the general election. Instead, CREW, Defenders of Wildlife and others are boldly entering the 19th Congressional District’s Republican primary in a blatant attempt to manipulate the outcome in favor of their preferred candidate. Their plan is simple; prevent Richard from returning to Congress with a well funded smear campaign of lies and distortions.
 The Fresno Bee recently reported the simple truth in this matter: “No law enforcement agency or legislative ethics committee ever accused Pombo of violating federal bribery statutes, or any other laws, during his 14 years in the House of Representatives. He was never identified as a target of a law enforcement investigation.”
However, despite this fact Richard’s Republican opponents remain silent. This is unacceptable. The smear campaign against Richard originates from radicals who are committed to the destruction of everything we hold dear. There can be no political benefit from their activity in a Republican primary. These actions must be universally condemned by our party and its candidates for office. I call on all candidates to take this action immediately.
Sadly, I must report to you that one candidate appears to be coordinating with the Democratic attack machine. Fundraising emails and campaign rhetoric used by Jeff Denham’s campaign are spreading the same lies and distortions heard from Defenders of Wildlife and CREW. I have heard firsthand this chain of dishonesty, first woven by leftists and now pushed by the Denham campaign.
I find this highly troubling, as I do Mr. Denham’s tendency to quickly compromise on matters of great significance to our state. His vote for not one but two Democratic budgets helped pave the way for the state’s current financial disaster. His record in Sacramento suggests a reckless disregard for the conservative principles we all share and his current campaign casts aside all doubt about the nature of his character. In my view, there is no question. Jeff Denham is a dangerous gamble for voters in the 19th Congressional District.
In sharp contrast, Richard is one of us; a valley rancher and cowboy. He put everything on the line to represent our interests in Washington – including suffering one of the best funded smear campaigns in history. Because of his support and effectiveness representing our interests, leftists have taken the gloves off – including the harassment of Richard’s wife and children. I urge valley residents not to turn their backs on a proven leader and to support Richard Pombo’s candidacy for the 19th Congressional District.