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Virus note: October 21, 2020 -- Drip, drip, drip

MERCED(BLJ) --The Merced County Public Health Department reported yesterday 154 deaths from corona visus since the pandemic began. Drip, drip, drip. On most days, another member of the Merced County public dies and we are approaching the most dangerous season of all. Only three things have proved effective: masks, washing hands frequently, and social distancing. It is insane to oppose those measures and yet there is actually political ideological opposition to it blaring out of the radio all day long.

USDA wildlife slaughter goes on and on and on

The next time I am fortunate enough to hear a coyote or, if I"m really lucky, a wolf, yipping and howling at the moon, I will think of this article, which describes so well their wretched, hunted existences, canines hounded by Man.-- blj


US Agriculture Department’s ‘Wildlife Services’ Killed Approximately 1.2 Million Native Animals in 2019

By Center For Biological Diversity

Global Research, October 08, 2020

Center for Biological Diversity 7 October 2020

On the Trump-Biden debate

 A young firefighter had returned to the station after a 24-hour day on the fire line of a fire that had been burning and expanding for a month. He had bathed, eaten a cooked meal, and slept many hours before awaking, just in time to catch the great debate on the bunkhouse TV. When it was over, the young government employee asked one of the senior firefighters in the room, “What the fuck was that?”

Virus note: October 1, 2020

MERCED (BLJ) – On October 1, the Merced County Public Health Department reported 145 deaths from Covid-19 (an increase of 11 since September 18).

California reported 15,989 deaths (an increase of 91 in a day).

The United States reported 210,874 deaths (an increase of 657).

The world count was 1,021,765 deaths (an increase of 7,807).

On the infection in the White House: is it ever good policy to try to ignore what most threatens?




Clear choice in District 2 Supervisor race

Pedrozo, the UNANIMOUS choice?

Saturday afternoon I found a leaflet stuck in my screen door for Josh Pedrozo, former city councilman, now running for a seat on the Merced County Board of Supervisors. It said, “Josh Pedrozo, The UNANIMOUS Choice for Merced County Supervisor.”

Below, were endorsements from six labor unions, the county Board of Realtors and the UC Merced Democrats.

Pedrozo’s website reiterates the group endorsements and adds some names:

We are proud to endorse Josh Pedrozo for Merced county supervisor- district 2

Fauci fights the Trump administration

I listen to Dr. Anthony Fauci, particularly when he is standing up against the Trump administration, because he is a doctor and a scientist, and because doctors and scientists ought to be in control of a national campaign to defeat the pandemic. Politicians ought to follow their lead and help the medical scientists, doctors, hospitals and nurses in a unified campaign to protect the public from the virus.

Virus note: September 18, 2020

MERCED (BLJ) – The Merced County Public Health Department reported on Friday, Sept. 18, that 134 have died of Covid-19.

California reported 14,911 deaths (an increase of 195).

The United States reported 201,735 deaths (an increase of 1,092).

The global count for the day was 951,787 deaths (an increase of 6.900).