British Honey Bee Day

The Independent (UK)
National Honey Bee Day 2018:
What's being done to save the species in Britain
Pollinators may be in decline, but there’s plenty of new ideas, and time, to turn the tide. Ahead of the day on August 18, Jo Lamiri finds the new buzz around bees
Jo Lamiri

A week in American agriculture

The 2014 Farm Bill expires at the end of the month. Farm income is plummeting, Trump's tariffs are playing hell with export markets, the Canadians don't seem to be budging on dairy protections, the Honey bee population continues to decline. Farm groups are crying for more of the same kind of insurance on crops and income inaugurated as the basis of the 2014 Farm Bill.

Visionary developers and the public safety

While we were somewhat surprised that President Trump did not rename Hurricane Florence, Hurricane Feinstein, in the wake of the latest revelations about his Supreme Court nomination, we knew it was only an oversight. Perhaps no one in the White House realized the hurricane was an f-word. The White House spelling problem continutes. 1.
Nonetheless, there is plenty more evidence that our president, called in these pages Don T. Culo with respect for his criminal associations, is in the words of Bob Woodward, "detached from reality,"


The San Joaquin Valley's natural water supply, always suibject to flood/drought fluctuations, has been plundered for a century by reckless and unaccountable agriculture that treats land, after the paradigm of the cotton industry, as a sterile medium to which one adds fertilizer and water to make money, until it all runs out. South of the Tehachapis, they add houses to what was once the richest agricultural county in the state, and beyond that county, they add houses to the desert.

Lobbyists and Members of Congress

Lobbying at the US Capitol1.
In 2017, there were 535 US senators and representatives and 11,542 lobbyists registered to influence them.
In other words, there were 21.5 lobbyists for each lawmaker in 2017, and these lobbyists spent $6,219,065 per lawmaker (not evenly distributed).
Lobbying Database

Fire and change

Scientists typically hesitate to say any specific event happened because of climate change, Westerling said. Yet, he said, “we know that these events are affected by the weather and the climate and how dry it is. The climate system has been altered by people ... all the weather we're experiencing and what's driving these wildfire events is climate change.”
While this fire devastated part of the San Francisco Bay Area, wildfire is creating growing problems across the West, Westerling said.


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