The Trump Fib Bucket

In olden days (before the younger generation was even conceived), parents used to require their children to put a nickel in the Swear Jar every time they said a naughty word. Childlike men's service organizations used to require a dollar or more per cussword.
Badlands Journal Editorial Board has i\begun a Trump Fib Bucket, diameter to stretch from sea to polluted sea and over all the genetically modified golden grains, and to be as tall as Pike's Peak.


Lo, poor Yosemite

Fresno Bee
It’s not just trash — money lost during shutdown could have long-term effects at Yosemite
By Rory Appleton
As reports of trash and human waste flooding some of the country’s most beautiful land have trickled out since the U.S. government shut down, deeper problems – and a few volunteer-powered solutions – have also begun to surface.


Christmas Day in Yosemite

Reporting from Mundo Antiguo Network, pencil to paper from Yosemite, where you order your coffee and pastry at an electronic kiosk. Everyone else has a hand held device to record in stills and video the iconic nature of Yosemite Park.
I always feel archaic here around people because I am an English speaker. We are a minority this morning at the coffee shop. Japanese and French are preferred within my earshot.


What is it about ICE and the high school girls?

"It's a problem of moral perpitude." -- Badlands Journal leader

A theory about the latest US Immigration and Customs Enforcement fiasco: 15-year-old Jakadrien Lorece Turner of Houston TX just wanted to travel to exciting foreign countries. She lacked foreign language as does the overwhelming majority of American high school students, but that was no barrier to her adventurous spirit.

And she found the perfect free tour, ICE, an agency that has such a weakness for high school girls that around here its dark minions ambush school buses in the morning.

And who will govern Merced County now?

Merced County citizens will get the government they deserve next year. They voted for it.
The west side replaced longtime District 5 Supervisor Jerry O'Banion with Scott Silveira, a third-generation dairyman. O'Banion served on the board since 1991. He takes with him almost all the skill and leadership the board had.

Political economy or political ecology?

 Gov. Jerry Brown, reflecting on the fires in northern and southern California last month in light of a recent "dire climate report" for the state, said:

"This is not the new normal. This is the new abnormal. And this new abnormal will continue, certainly in the next 10 to 15 to 20 years. And unfortunately, the best science is telling us that dryness, warmth, drought, all those things, they're going to intensify."  NPR, Steve Inskip, Nov. 20,  2018.

Celebrate the San Joaquin River restoration project!

 Despite the snarky headline some editor threw over the excellent Fresno Bee article on saolmon restoration on the San Joaquin River, Lewis Griswold's story is full of the current scientific information on the project and optimism. Michael Fitzgerald, longtime Stockton Record columnist, celebrates the restoration project 125 miles south of Stockton and shows how fresh water crossing the valley from Friant Dam to the Mendota Pool will freshen the river as it passes by  Stockton.

Huge west side dope bust

The Merced County Sheriff warned farmer Chad Crivelli of Dos Palos not to grow what he claimed was hemp. 
And when it was tested, the Merced Sun-Star reported:
"The THC content of the plants growing on the Crivelli farmland tested eight times the legal limit of what is allowed in hemp, according to Merced County Sheriff Deputy Daryl Allen."


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