July 2018

Understanding Repubican congressmen Nunes and McCarthy

Reading this article about the rapidly sinking Friant-Kern Canal, built in the late 1940's to replenish the water supply to areas in the eastern San Joaquin Valley where farmers had overdrafted the groundwater, should, among other lessons, explain the consistent lunacy of the two congressmen whose districts straddle the canal, Republican representatives Devin Nunes and Kevin McCarthy.  The canal is essential to the largely agricultural economy of the region and to the water supply of a string of farm towns that give Tulare County a charm invisible from SR 99,

What is to be done?





1950s: Communist Control Act of 1954

U.S. Statutes at Large, Public Law 637, Chp. 886, p. 775-780 


To outlaw the Communist Party, to prohibit members of Communist organizations from serving in certain representative capacities, and for other purposes. 

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That this Act may be cited as the ''Communist Control Act of 1954''. 

Findings of Fact 

Presumptive governor visits Valley

 The State Water Resources Control Board made its priorities clear in announcing its recommendation in early July. The board cherry-picked old statistics to insist the Tuolumne, Merced and Stanislaus fisheries are on the brink of collapse. It pointed out that creeping salinity from San Francisco Bay imperils the Delta. The board insists only more of the water from our rivers can solve both problems.


 Scientists debate whether California’s vast forests are emitting more carbon dioxide through fires than they absorb through plant growth. -- David R, Baker, SF Chronicle, Nov. 22, 2017