February 2018

When government haters govern, things fall through the cracks

 When the Washington administration came to power to cripple the federal government ... when the administration that doesn't believe in global warming is faced with two brutal, immense hurricanes in one season ... when the administration vacilates between personal financial greed and those of its friends and the real, necessary responsibilities of government, even to Puerto Rico ... strange things can happen ...
-- blj
The Guardian
Hospitals face critical shortage of IV bags due to Puerto Rico hurricane

Badlands Journal editorial board response to Trump's latest speeches

 The United States government is NOT The Trump Organization. 
Republicans think government is just a badly run business that can be improved by corporate practices. They think their party should behave like Devin Nunes's dairy herd. This theory of government is called corporatism,  propounded by Benedetto Croce, an Italian philosopher, and enacted as fascism by the government of Benito Mussolini, il Duce.
In plain American English, we call it authoritarian obstruction of justice. -- blj

Muckraker in the Haight

A guy in a black suit that looked like he slept in it showed up on Haight Street in 1967, smack dab in the middle of the Summer of Love. He fit in with all the other costumed characters of the street at the time, and the notebook always at hand completed his outfit -- a Muckraker among Che Guevaras, Crazy Horses, Kit Carsons, Pocahontases,  Custers, Wild Bills, Calamity Janes, Nasrudins,  Midsummer's Night folk, gentlemen from outer space, and assorted nymphs, nixies, and fairy queens.

Mad cowboy congressman haunted by smolts?

 Is it frivolous to suggest that the burr under Rep. Devin "Cowboy" Nunes' saddle blanket is the success of the San Joaquin River Restoration Project? Spring-run Chinook salmon are spawning again where they have not been able to for 60 years because most of their river has been diverted down south in a canal to help farmers who had overdrafted their groundwater.

Consistent deceit

When asked about immigration enforcement fears, Perdue told ABC 30 that “ICE are not after the people out here working on our farms.” The Bee reached out Thursday to the Department of Agriculture for clarification, and a spokesperson refused to comment.

Some Trump un-appointments

These are a few articles concerning some Trump nominations for important, unfilled positions in the government. The first two concern nominations of people whose records show they are opposed to the mission they are being considered to lead. That would be like appointing Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt to head the EPA.
But, of course, Pruitt was appointed to that position.

Grand Jury of District of Columbia indictment of 13 Russians: 2/16/2018

Sometimes original documents are useful. -- blj
The Atlantic
The US has charged 13 Russian nationals and three Russian firms for meddling in the US 2016 election.
Below is the full text of the indictment, which was announced by Special Counsel Robert Mueller's team.

New outlooks on Memorial Day

 The end of school! Summer job outside and maybe in the mountains. The fruits and nuts and grapes have set. Rivers high and canals still chilled by snow water. Maybe up the Clarks Fork before work starts if its not too high to fish it and too cold and wet to camp.

Descriptions of America's top gun makers, their relationships with the NRA


This is an excellent article to orient you to the problem of gun manufacturing in the US and its lucrative and corrupting relationships with government, to a significant extent through the National Rifle Association, which these companies control. -- blj
Mother Jones


Fully Loaded: Inside the Shadowy World of America's 10 Biggest Gun Makers

The Ukraine?

Sometimes history develops such a velocity that the news provokes people to prophesy and curses, one sort of escape or another from the story. Many of the top opinion makers in American culture speak and write as if they believe history is over with, decided (in favor of US), and that the only movement that matters now is the ceaseless development of technology, with science in the rumble seat.
But stubborn old history continues in places like the Ukraine.