November 2016

The Philippines' pivot?

 At some point, two countries can be so entwined by history, treaties, trade, mutual state visits, military and economic aid that they are more, or something different from, allies or anything else. They are friends. -- W. Scott Thomnpson, New Straits Times, Oct. 25, 2016.



Some information about California ballot propositions

 When Californians tear themselves away from the spectacle of national moral disgrace at home and abroad, politically, economically and environmentally,  we face a gauntlet of propositions on our ballots. We've gathered some information from the press that we hope will be useful to you.
-- blj
San Jose Mercury
California propositions: A voter guide
There are 17 state propositions on the ballot in this upcoming election.
Laurel  Rosenhall

Welcome to Developer Nation

 People who have stood up for the environment, better air quality, water quality, and for endangered species and their habitats, against irresponsible development, became familiar years ago with the mentality of our president-elect, who is busy leaving his footprints all over the US Constitution. 

The water gang's all here to welcome Trump

  The water gangsters in the San Joaquin Valley act greedier by the year, the public falls silent, and the media constantly repeats the propaganda of special interests and their bought politicians. The environment for man, woman, child and all the flora and fauna of the valley deteriorates at accelerating speed. Maybe University of California scientists are developing a special mathematical derivative to plot that acceleration toward extinction of wildlife and another for increases in respiratory illnesses from asthma to lung cancer in the worst air-pollution region in the nation.

Baseline #2: State of the species

 “Nowhere is this more evident than in California’s Central Valley, where intensive land development and use has threatened or extirpated dozens of native plant and wildlife species,” McConnell said. -- Central Sierra Audubon Society, Union Democrat, Nov. 11, 2016