July 2016

Delta Plan blocked in court: "quagmire of regulatory delays" to follow

Most notably, Kenny said the plan fails “to promote options for water conveyance and storage systems” in the Delta other than presuming the tunnels project is built. Kenny also found that the plan failed to “include quantified or otherwise measurable targets associated with achieving reduced Delta reliance” for the state’s water supply. -- Ryan Sabalow, Sacramento Bee, June 24, 2016


Sacramento Bee
Judge invalidates long-fought Delta management plan

Three on Brexit

 Last week we found three articles among many plus the television coverage about "Brexit," the United Kingdom's referendum to leave the European Union. Some of us are old enough to remember how deadly serious European unification was during the Cold War and beyond. For this reason alone we were glad to find Alan Posener's reflections on the most powerful country in the EU, Germany, in light of its reunification and renewed nationalist aspirations.

The Swimming Mule and Other Agendas 1.

Those who argue, on the other hand, that mankind has no chance of surviving the end but still has a chance to avert it, by getting rid of nuclear weapons, devising less wasteful technologies, and adopting a less wasteful way of life, rightly refuse to console themselves with the fantasy of a new life after the apocalypse, -- Christopher Lasch, The Minimal Self, Norton (1984), p. 86.

The Swimming Mule and Other Agendas 2.

 We are accustomed to reading and listening to water policy from the perspectives of agribusiness, local, state and federal government, and of environmental concerns. It is a great discord of competing and conflicting public and private interests that is typically a win/lose situation for the weakest, least organized constituency -- the public.

The Swimming Mule and Other Agendas 4.

 Surface sinking, bottom rising
This article ought to be read together with the previous posting, "Harken to the harmony ...," to form a clearer picture of the politics and economics of the Colorado River Plateau in its 15th year of drought. Perhaps one could hum the tune to "How deep is the ocean" for a fuller reading experience.

Hillary Clinton: Ol' "Honey" Bill's candidate for president

 We were impressed by this note by Michael Moore in a section in the July 18 issue of The Nation called "We still need a future to believe in." Perhaps it was because it accords with our own gloomy view. Despite a real Murderers Row of Democratic Party orators on the opening night of the party's convention -- Sen. Cory Booker, First Lady Michelle Obama, Sen. Elizabeth Warren -- and a speech for the history books by Sen. Bernie Sanders, our fears of political chaos in the Democratic Party are not allayed.