September 2013

An economic rationale for the wars against Iraq, Lybia, Syria, Iran, and other Islamic nations

As the US administration thunders "Shame on us" if we do not uphold "international norms for chemical weapons" by bombarding Syria with depleted uranium-tipped missiles and bombs, and the American public and even some members of Congress rise to challenge in hearings and in the media every assertion the administration is making to justify acts of war, which even the administration agrees in some :scenarios" could lead to American "boots on the ground," Ellen Brown, advocate for state banking, offers the clearest motive we have seen for the administration's desire to destroy seven Islamic co

Plan for Iran, Iraq, Syrian pipeline funded by their state banks

The following article discusses a deal for a gasline between Iran, Iraq and 
Syria that is another reason for US undeclared war against Syria that is not being discussed on the floor of Congress or in the mainstream press or talking head broadcasts.
It is to be noted, re. Ellen Brown's recent discussion of the West's war against seven Islamic nations with state banks (Iran, Iraq, and Syria among them), that construction of this proposed gas pipeline will not be making money for private equity firms.

A smear of lipstick

The marijuana deal had reached a mature state of corruption 40 years ago;  today it is demented.
The Merced  County Counsel’s Office has waxed almost poetical on its themes -- enforcement, administrative hearings, civil proceedings, liens and such -- in the composition of its juridical masterpiece of the year, “An Ordinance Establishing the Regulation of Medical Marijuana Cultivation."

The 99 percent of un-exceptionalists

 The military/industrial/cultural complex is engaged in a propaganda campaign to persuade the stubbornly opposed 99 percent of  Americans  to bomb Syria to punish its government for its alleged use of chemical weapons. It is all part of a plan for exceptional people like they suppose themselves to be, to rule the Mideast.
However we, the suborn majority, have less sociopathic things on our minds than – in the name of spreading democracy – to lose more relatives in a civil war in Syria to make oil-corporation executives and Saudi sheiks richer and Israel a safer theocracy … --blj

Ex-Fresno mayor still wrong

Alan Autry was disastrously wrong when he was the Developer-Fool mayor of Fresno during the boom years, a radio talk-show blowhard forever urging the public to do “the right” thing (wink, wink).
Now Autry is urging the state Legislature reform the California Environmental Quality Act. Promises of reform were part of the last elections but a year went by and no bill passed to “reform” one of the most popular laws in the state.

Beware of fracking "studies" to come

Separate state and federal executive, legislative and judicial jurisdictions,  two sets of lawsuits, two sets of “studies” proposed to be done,  the Middle Eastern oil patch going up in flames, a war is shaping up between the people of California and the oil companies. As we are witnessing in Colorado now, global warming has caused a “1,000-year” flood and one major source of pollution in the flood waters is the toxic and secret  fracking fluids used in thousands of wells in the flooded area.

Serious questions remain on state's fracking-regulation law

This is a large amount of material containing conflicting information and opinion regarding California’s new law to regulate hydraulic fracturing. We’ve organized it to first present the reasons that environmental groups originally supporting the legislation in the end backed away from it in response to last minute oil-company amendments reportedly solicited by Gov.

Fall water anxiety 2013

 The autumnal spate of water-anxiety articles appears in the desert regions of California as the first big rains hit the northern part of the state. The descriptions of “our water problem” become more neurotic and technically sophisticated each year.