May 2012

Our noble "stewards of the land" and their bribed government at work

To single out the California dairy industry, as it is so proud to often single iteslf out as the highest earning commodity in the state and tops in the nation, the grand scale on which it is practiced in California has guaranteed pollution of groundwater from manure and air from deisel-truck produced particulate smog.

Growth and limits

A Modesto Bee article from 1961 said that a North Carolina textile-mill installation engineer, Jack Pirkle, had sold the Dos Palos Chamber of Commerce on the idea of locating a mill in South Dos Palos, to be built in three months, employ 85-100 people and to produce a wekkly payroll of $7,000 (in 1961 money). Presumably something like that was the abandoned mill mentioned in the article below about the desperate poverty of South Dos Palos today and for years in the immediate past.

Water politics: "How the West(lands) was won" -- Lloyd Carter

Reading this superbly researched and presented long article on the latest writhings of a monster from the west side, Westlands Water District, we were struck with our great good fortune to have Lloyd Carter, his dedication, hard work and great experience in following this story wherever it leads and telling it clearly. The latest twist is the involvement of the Brownstein law firm of Denver, a story Badlands touched on briefly in connection with the Oboma administration's selection of Ken Salazar (former Colorado state Attorney General and US Senator) over Rep.

Westlands water rights

However, the contract also states that senior water rights holders, including riparian, exchange and older contract rights, will have their supply demands met BEFORE Westlands gets any water. Thus, the 40 percent figure is all Westlands is entitled to after senior water rights are met. Westlands is getting 100 percent of what the contract states, i.e. whatever is available. Birmingham's "voodoo math" doesn't add up. --Lloyd Carter, Sacramento Bee, May 9, 2012
Sacramento Bee

The UC debt machine

The mafia of finance, insurance and real estate special interests that brought the University of California to Merced created in the process the most devastating economic boom and bust the city and county had experienced since the Great Depression and brought into our midst the second worst blood-sucking beast to an upside down mortgage -- student-loan debt.

Rotten low hanging fruit falling, falling, falling

In the fall of 2008 as the economy was falling about our ears, Merced County lashed out at what we then called "low hanging fruit" because the group indicted for purloining hundreds of thousands of dollars of federal funds were such obvious crooks, They were fronted by Rudy Buendia of Planada, who had been promoted up the ladder of responsibility and community visibility until he had landed on the county Planning Commission as a tardy, uncomprehending, silent vote for the developers when he turned up at all.

Notes from the first Public Banking in America conference, Philadelphia PA

Common Dreams
The Revolution Will Not Be Televised: Quiet Drama in Philadelphia
by Ellen Brown
“You will not be able to plug in, turn on and cop out.
You will not be able to skip out for beer during commercials,
Because the revolution will not be televised. . . .
The revolution will be live.”
--From the 1970 hit song by Gil Scott-Heron

Loose Cheeks: The old gray adam

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The old gray adam
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