June 2011

"There will always be London"

In the generation of Californians alive at the turn of the 20th century, three names have stood out and have far outlived their times: Jack London, John Muir and Lincoln Steffens. London, the great writer of fiction, journalism and socialist tracts; Muir, the father of the world conservation movement; Steffens, the great muckraker.

Westside irrigators to be sued for polluting San Joaquin River, Bay-Delta Estuary

Chronicles of the Hydraulic Brotherhood
Fishing and Conservation Groups Intend To Sue Feds and Westside Irrigators to Enforce Water Pollution Control Laws
by Lloyd Carter

Frankly, the banks own this place, said Sen. Dick Durban, IL, April 29, 2009

The congressman who represents this district from his home in Maryland, Dennis Cardoza, received $10,000 from the American Bankers Association in the 2009-2010 election cycle, Open Secrets reports.
Badlands Journal editorial board
The ProPublica Blog
Bank Lobby Says ‘Fight Continues’ on Debit Card Fees, Warns of ‘Dire Consequences’
by Marian Wang

Global warming and world economic governance

severity and speed of global warming and also notice that the real political economic powers in the West, the ancient white Bilderbergers are still talking about global economic power and control. Someday they will be meeting in a secret igloo discussing the sizes of their piles of rat pelts.
Badlands Journal editorial board
Climate Change: It's Bad and Getting Worse
Severe weather events are wracking the planet, and experts warn of even greater consequences to come.
by Dahr Jamail


The US government is spending $10 billion a month, $120 billion a year ... to teach Afghanis how to fight each other.

High speed rail -- just another real estate boondoggle

The irresponsibility, the political bulldozing over legal public processes, and outright lying surrounding the the California High Speed Rail Boondoggle appears now to come as a great shock to the media along the proposed route. Yet, until recently, not a skeptical word could be read about this great "Boon" to the citizens of California.