January 2011

Farewell, my Hun

Dear Arnold, or "chaparito," as the girls at the In-N-Out here in town dubbed you when you visited us once during your first campaign, good-bye "Shorty," we loved you well. You were a magnificent obsession, nearly as good as the Great Ronald Himself. You took our minds off our problems. You distracted us from the bad news of our collapse. You were the ultimate Man Without Qualities, the nostalgic memory of the Austro-Hungarian Empire's special gift to poor us.

New Report identifies top 10 ecosystems to save - Calif. Featured‏

For Immediate Release: January 5, 2011
Contact:       Dr. Mark Rockwell, California Representative, Endangered Species Coalition,
                        V.P. Conservation, Federation of Fly Fishers, 530 559-5759
Leda Huta, Executive Director, Endangered Species Coalition: 202-320-6467
San Francisco Bay Delta Named as One of America’s Top Ten Conservation Priority
New report identifies top 10 ecosystems to save for

Bubble blindness

"It's one of those perfect storm situations," said UC Merced economics professor Shawn Kantor. "So it will take a very long time for this area to recover." ..."This particular area has chronically had high unemployment relative to the state and the country, which all ties to low educational attainment and poverty," Kantor said. "The circularity of the socioeconomic conditions make it difficult for this area to succeed economically. And then it got hit with the housing and government bubbles bursting." ...

Green History (2)

We are finding Jeffrey St. Clair's reflections on the history of the US environmental movement interesting and instructive. St. Clair combines exhaustive knowledge of his subject with a fine, lucid writing style.

Tuscon: Just another excuse for Cardoza to lie

Modesto Bee
Members of Congress told to increase security, Rep. Cardoza says...Michael Doyle
WASHINGTON -- The shooting of Arizona Rep. Gabrielle Giffords on Saturday struck homewith California public officials of all stripes, reminding them anew of their ownvulnerabilities.

Come fly the westside thermals

This announcement is excellent news for the farmers and communities that rely on water from Reclamation to grow the crops that provide over 50% of the food supply for the United States. -- Thomas Birmingham, general manager Westlands Water District, Jan. 18, 2011
Comments in blue supplied by Lloyd Carter, editor in chief of Chronicles of the Hydraulic Brotherhood, www.lloydgcarter.com
Toto, I've a feeling we not in Kansas anymore. -- Badlands Journal editorial staff

Green History (4)

Jeffrey St. Clair is the author of Been Brown So Long It Looked Like Green to Me: the Politics of Nature and Grand Theft Pentagon. His newest book, Born Under a Bad Sky, is published by AK Press / CounterPunch books. He can be reached at: sitka@comcast.net.  This essay is excerpted from the forthcoming book GreenScare: the New War on Environmentalism by Jeffrey St. Clair and Joshua Frank.

A Concise History of the Rise and Fall of the Enviro Establishment

Small bank failure

In the last three years 333 small banks have closed their doors and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation estimate that there are 860 "troubled" banks now. The FDIC insurance fund was $8 billion in the red at the end of September. It is the worse rate of bank failure since 1993, in the depths of the savings and loan disaster.
Badlands Journal editorial board
Washington Post
Regulators shut banks in Colo, NM, Okla, Wis…MARCY GORDON, The Associated Press

Angelides commission report

Phil Angelides, California treasurer from 1999 - 2006, chaired the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission that recently made its report on the financial meltdown, focusing on the real estate market. As treasurer, he was an ex-officio member of the boards of the California Public Employees' Retirement System (CalPERS) and the California State Teachers’ Retirement System (CalSTRS), when combined the largest public retirement fund in the nation. In 1984, he was appointed president of Sacramento-based AKT Development Corporation, owned by Angelo Tsakopoulos.