November 2010

Badlands, SJRRC, POW, CVSEN and San Joaquin et al position on Measure C

The Badlands editorial board, including members of the San Joaquin Raptor Rescue Center, Protect Our Water (POW), Central Valley Safe Environment Network and San Joaquin et al,  have in the last five months discussed very thoroughly Measure C, the development—plebiscite initiative in Merced County. We have extensive experience reading land-use and environmental documents, laws, legal briefs and court decisions.

Loose Cheeks: Anna Caballero's staff

Several years ago, a young man new to Merced but active in local politics at the time, asked a Badlands Journal reporter, “What is Diana Westmoreland Pedrozo saying? I can’t understand a word she says.” Pedrozo was the executive director of the county Farm Bureau and president of the California Women for Agriculture at the time.

One view of UC Merced from the San Joaquin Valley

We have been scratching our heads about the recent University of California fee hike, which brings the total increase to 40 percent over what tuition was two years ago, and the alleged attack on a campus policeman by a UC Merced student at the student demonstration against the fee increase.
It was good to see that Regent Odessa Johnson, from Modesto, voted against the increase.
The Merced Sun-Star reported on what the fuss was about:

The hurt is on: slashing the social soft tissue

San Jose Mercury News
Millions of Americans face loss of unemployment benefits
By Dana Hull and Patrick May
   The U.S. Senate on Tuesday failed to meet a deadline to extend federal unemployment benefits, threatening half a million Californians with the prospect of losing their benefits by the end of December.