September 2010

An un-stimulating editorial

Here is a typical example of the Great Valley Whine: the Fresno Bee is tearful that we didn't get as great an increase in federal spending in recent years as San Francisco, home of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, did, and our Medicare reimbursement rates "barely cover costs." You can hear McClatchy's finest stamping their penny loafers.

On the announcement of departure of UC Merced's second chancellor

A member of the Badlands Journal editorial board was asked by a UC Merced student for a meeting so that he could learn more about the campus where he is going to college. The request was received the day Chancellor Steve Kang announced he would depart the campus at the end of the next academic year.

Who was Robert A. "Bobby" Lewis?

Merced County Director of Planning and Development Services, Robert A. “Bobby” Lewis, reportedly tendered his resignation on Friday. Numerous calls to different county offices to confirm the report met a stone wall.
Nevertheless, other sources convinced members of the Badlands Journal editorial board that the report was true.
The board issued a statement along with an article written when Lewis arrived nearly four years ago.
“He came under a cloud, worked under a cloud, left under a cloud.” – Badlands Journal editorial board

Who owns the house? Update on the predator/prey struggle in the foreclosure industry

Guardian (UK)
Foreclosure funny businessThat US banks can skirt the paperwork required for home foreclosures shows it's one rule for them and another for us...Dean Baker

Fundraiser for Measure C: Be there or be unsimple

The Badlands Journal editorial board fully supports Measure C, which will be on the November 2010 ballot, and the board wishes to help publicize and support a fund-raising event that will contribute to the campaign. After a month of serious dialogue about what the measure actually says and might mean, board members Uncle Henry, the Dull-Witted Boy, Li'l Hector, and the Dull-Witted Boy's Mother, won the day. In fact, it was the Dull-Witted Boy's Mother that finished the dispute while waiting on the editorial board's breakfast table the other day.