February 2009


Modesto Bee
What next for County Bank?...David W. Hill
The future of County Bank is clearly in doubt.
Shocking numbers detailing the bank's worsening financial position were fired off after business hours late Friday, but it didn't go unnoticed and shouldn't have come as a surprise.


Merced Sun-Star
Merced to lobby for high-speed rail jobs
Committee will advocate plans that bring business, development...SCOTT JASON
Merced renewed its support for California's high-speed rail system Monday with a plan to join a financially backed committee that will lobby on the city's behalf as the project moves forward.

Shoot out at the OK canal

Panel will debate controversial water issues Feb. 4 at Fresno State
(January 14, 2009) – A public debate on water policy in California and the Central Valley will be moderated by U.S District Judge Oliver Wanger at 7 p.m. Feb. 4, at California State University, Fresno. Agricultural and environmental advocates will face off on the issues.

Williamson Act

SECTION 51200-51207

51200.  This chapter shall be known as the California Land
Conservation Act of 1965 or as the Williamson Act.

California Public Records Act

SECTION 6250-6270




6250. In enacting this chapter, the Legislature, mindful of the
right of individuals to privacy, finds and declares that access to
information concerning the conduct of the people's business is a
fundamental and necessary right of every person in this state.




Contrasting views on the future of agriculture

I attended a debate on water policy in the San Joaquin Valley last night (more in a later posting). The latest agricultural idea from the irrigated salt flats of the west side of the Valley is to declare the area a National Security Zone, presumably policed by Homeland Security forces. This, the growers seem to believe, would guarantee continuing supplies of water conveyed through the Delta pumps. This pumping, if not the only cause, has been the major cause of catastrophic damage to several species of fish in the Delta and courts have ruled that the pumping must be cut back by law.