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The variety and abundance of wildlife in the San Joaquin Valley is a well known fact.  The "Great" Valley is the winter home for waterfowl, northern raptors, migratory songbirds and numerous mammals.  These creatures migrate annually to and from their nesting area in the spring and fall.  They normally move out of cold areas in the winter, not necessarily because of temperature, but because prey and foodare reduced in numbers or may be hidden by snow.

During the winter most wildlife we receive is suffering from numerous man-inflicted injuries.  Others come in from natural causes, such as starvation and disease.  The incidence of injuries is extremely high for our wintering guests.  They are used to plentiful food, places where man is scarce and where automobiles are nonexistent.  Instead, they find cramped quarters with not enough food for local wildlife, let alone them and man!

In the Spring our wildlife decides its time for parenthood.  Some use/make nests that are extremely precarious and others have a hard time controlling their offspring.  The majority of creatures taken care of by the Center are considered to be orphaned.  They are all raised to be wild and free.  Our success is measured by how wild they are.

All wildlife have very specialized diets that are specific to their kind.  Every year the Center receives a number of creatures which have been raised or kept by well-meaning people.  Usually they call the Center when it becomes obvious that their creatur is in distress. By this time the animals are showing signs of nutritional deficiencies, injurings from improper housing and behavioral abnormalities.  It is usually difficult or impossible to correct these problems.  All wildlife is protected by State and Federal laws.  It is illegal to keep any wildlife.  So, please help us help them!  All wildlife deserves to be wild and free! 


San Joaquin Raptor Rescue Center is an all-volunteer, non-profit organization which depends on your contributions to continue rehabilitating and releasing wildlife.

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