Badlands Journal Anthem: L. Breakfast's "California Collapse"

Submitted: Jan 24, 2017
Badlands Journal editorial board











                                  'California Collapse'


by Lance Breakfast

I was sired in the Livermore Lab
Beneath the Ponderosa Tree
My blood's bluer than a Baltimore crab
I'll take you to San Simeon to see (x2)
They took a vote at the Bohemian Grove
Between the Kennedy and me
Condoleezza said to me- and I quote:
You've got the finest head of hair I've ever seen (x2)
My Daddy did a dance called the California Collapse
And baby here's how it goes you see you put the-
You put the water where the water does not be- (x2)
You put the water where the water does not belong


hen H. Fishman (
Filmed at Spiderwood Studios in Elgin, TX

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